KRAUSS-MAFFEI stainless steel grooved drum dryer—single roll type size 900mm dia. x 2500mm long. (unused) ref 3664
BERTRAM REFINERS  1½ tph at 48 stock consistency ref 3780
Stainless steel HOPPER 15 cu.ft ref 10194
ESCHER WYSS C-3/2 stainless steel two stage pusher centrifuge, basket 26" x 28" diameter. ref 10442
BALFOUR SCOTT-RIETZ Disintegrators 20" bowl, 45kw drive. 3- available. ref 11435
GRIFFIN & GEORGE Centrifuge Type UJ3 Laboratory unit. ref 11682
SPARKLER Vertical plate filter model MCRO 600-4. ref 14497
30 TON capacity liquid chlorine bulk storage installation. ref 14949
ALFA-LAVAL ALB 2115-14/3945-12 24" diameter stainless steel bowl type centrifuge. ref 15430
BROADBENT stainless steel basket centrifuge. ref 15433
PRESS Tank stainless steel, 240 gallon central plunger-twin pneumatic rams. ref 17193
WICKHAM Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter 6' diameter x 2" twin disc. ref 18397
DUPLEX De-Ionisation plant hydrofine 634 cation and anion vessels & panel. ref 18582
FILTER Units by Pall Engineering 8" diameter x 4'-5" stainless steel clamped top 5-2½" diameter filters. ref 19042
INTERNATIONAL PULVERIZERS P4 Mill (Grinding Mill) 30hp drive. ref 19247
S.K.B. Briquette press 75hp drive.   ref 19374
JOY-DENVER Holoflite Processor, 4'-24" dia. Heated Screws in a heated trough, Twin 45 kw and Hydraulic Drive, complete with Thermo Engineers Thermal Fluid Heater. ref 19379
V.C. Filter - mobile - pilot plant size - 0.4m² surface area. ref 19641
BROADBENT Basket Type Centrifuge 48" diameter x 24" 12.5hp flp, stainless steel. ref 19824
PALLMAN Ref 8 Mill. ref 20022
AUTOCLAVE (ex-timber) 1.12m x 1m x 2.25m with vacuum pump and control panel. ref 20041
WESTFALIA 10" diameter bowl type centrifuge (2.2kw) oil purifier. ref 21168
JOHNSON PROGRESS 62 plate 2m x 1.5m rubber covered plates filter press. ref 21239
EDWARDS & JONES 75 plate 1.3m x 1.3m plates, C.I. rubber covered or polyprop plates.  Filter presses x 18. ref 21297
ALFA-LAVAL SB630 Pusher Centrifuge. ref 21645
EIGER Model 75L Bead Mill with 55kw flameproof drive. ref 21656
Mild Steel , rubber lined resin filled filter vessel 1.4m diameter x 2m.  2-available. ref 21706
Mild steel, rubber lined resin filled filter vessel 1.5m diameter x 2.5m.  3-available. ref 21707
Mild steel, rubber lined resin filled filter vessel 1.3m diameter x 2.15m - 2 units currently available. ref 21708