DE LAVAL Plate Heat Exchanger, 93 sq. ft. with 175 gallon tank and screw pump.  Originally oil cooler unit. ref 11184
100 SQ.FT. Alfa-Laval Plate Heat Exchanger. Type P31-HX S.S. plates ref 15124
75 SQ.FT. Shell and Tube Exchanger Brass Tubes M.S. Headers and Shell ref 15126
54 SQ.FT. A.P.V. Model HXU(8) Plate Heat Exchanger ref 15590
23 SQ.FT. A.P.V. Model HXC(4) Plate Heat Exchanger. ref 15592
A.P.V. Paraflow Plate Heat Exchanger Type P31-HX stainless steel plates.     ref 16535
AIR BLAST COOLER 20 sq.ft. Tubes 17" dia. Fan ref 17244
AIR BLAST COOLER 94 sq.ft. Tubes 3-18" dia. Fans ref 17246
BROOM WADE Air Blast Aftercooler Model ABOO 0.25 Kw Fan ref 17967
RIMER BIRLEC Air Dryer Twin Tower Dessicant Dryer 8" dia. x 3'6" Towers with Receiver and Filter ref 18646
A.P.V. SR35 Plate Heat Exchanger, 135 sq.ft ref 18739
A.P.V. JHE Plate Heat Exchanger 0.36 sq. m. surface area ref 19082
A.P.V. Plate Heat Exchanger, floor mounted, 2 stage unit Type HMBM ref 20151
DOMNICK HUNTER Type DRXH400 dessicant air dryer ref 20152
319 SQ.FT. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, M.S. Shell, S.S. Tubes and Headers ref 20390
113ft² horizontal sheel & tube heat exchanger, mild steel shell & header, stainless steel tubes ref 21351
DOMNICK HUNTER dessicant air dryer type DRDAO143 with oil filter unit type AO-1000F ref 21588
225ft² vert. shell & tube condenser, s.s. tubes & headers, m.s. shell - 2 available ref 21631
DENCO MILLER 250 cfm refrigerant air dryer ref 21908
Air Blast Cooler by Custom Coils, 3 x 30" dia. Axial Fans - 2 available. ref 22071
ALFA LAVAL Type A3-HBM Plate Heat Exchanger, 1.25m² surface area. ref 22270
ALFA LAVAL Type A3-HBM Plate Heat Exchanger, 0.74m² surface area. ref 22271
APV "Paraflow" Type SR18 Plate Heat Exchanger.  3.6m² surface area. 22575