DRIVER vibrating tube 6" x 132" ref 11157
HEINEN Stainless Steel Tray Feeder 4' x 2' x 6" Tray 1 hp Drive ref 15922
SCHENK Vibrating Tray Feeder 22' long x 20" wide Tray ref 16367
SYNTRON Feeder with Controller Fed from 65 cu.ft. Hopper ref 16383
MULTI-SCREW Feeder, 4 - 12" dia. Screws. 11 ' long under open topped Hopper ref 17726
TRAY FEEDER Stainless Steel 595mm x 180mm wide Tray ref 18156
VIBRATING TUBE Feeder 10" dia. x 4' ctrs., 2-available ref 19560
MOGENSEN Model 1054T Vibrating Tray Feeder, 1m x 5.4m            x 250mm deep, twin vibrating motor drive - 2 available ref 21954
MOGENSEN Model F1027TT, vibrating tray feeder, 1m x 2.7m, twin vibe motor drive ref 21993
MOGENSEN Model 1553 TT vibrating tray feeder, 1.5m x 5.3m long, twin vibrating motor drive. ref 22016
MOGENSEN Model F0634T vibrating tray feeder, 600mm x 3.4m, twin vibrating motor drive. ref 22023
SCREW FEEDER/DISCHARGER by Simon Barron, consisting of 4 x 400mm diameter screws in trough discharging onto 400mm diameter discharge screw - 3 units currently available. ref 22217
AJAX EQUIPMENT stainless steel screw feeders consisting of stainless steel hopper with 200mm discharge screw.  Centre line of feed to discharge 800mm.  1.1kw plus shaft mounted gearbox drive.   ref 22343
BIRTLEY heavy duty tray feeder 14'-3" x 5'-3" x 18" deep tray.  20HP drive. ref 22566