WHITE Torsion balance 250 m.gram Ref 13788
VIBRATING Mill mark 2 Ref 13790
ENVIRONMENTAL TEST CABINET +80°C -40°C 60.000' 3'6" x 3'6" x 3'6" Cabinet. Manufactured by LEC Ref 15971
Q.V.F. Mostly 4" and 6" Ref 19080
GRANT JB2 water bath, 20-90°C, 10 litre capacity Ref 19083
HEATING MANTLE Type EM1000 300watt, 450°C max Ref 19084
VISCOMETER Rion VT-03 with 3 rotors, 2 cups, stand and adaptor Ref 19085
PROCESS VESSEL Stainless Steel 220mm dia. x 265mm deep Electric Jacket W.P.200bar ref 19132
PROCESS VESSEL Stainless Steel 240mm diameter x 450mm deep electric jacket, central agitator w.p. 200 bar. ref 19133
MORITZ Y Cone Blender or V type Mixer with Stainless Steel contact parts ref 20008
STAINLESS STEEL Packed column 210mm diameter x 1.3m filled with 15mm diameter x 15mm long stainless steel packing rings. ref 22018
APEX comminuting mill in stainless steel, 280mm diameter x 150mm face rotor fitted with 16 knives, 5hp variable speed drive. ref 22346