PILLAR MIXER suspended rise and fall, suit drums or other separate containers Ref 8532
CANNON 50 Gallon kettle glass lined, jacketed Ref 10416
LIGHTNIN B29TLLB 3 hp. mixer unit 47:1 ratio—no drive.... Ref 11863
APEX Size 165F 'Y'-Cone Blender, copper construction, 640 litre working capacity, 15hp drive. Ref 15969
APEX Size 165D 'Y'-Cone Blender — Copper Construction 170 litre Working Capacity— 5 hp Drive Ref 15970
U-TROUGH Ribbon Mixer 18 cu.ft. capacity, all Stainless Steel Ref 16138
PADDLE Mixer 320 cu.ft. in Jacketted U-Trough, 2hp Gear Drive. Ref 16595
KADY MILL Type OCC 2' dia x 3' Jacketted S.S. Vessel with underdriven Agitator—36 kw Drive Ref 17506
PADDLE MIXER Heavy Duty 12 cu.ft. batch twin paddles in u-trough, 37kw drive. Ref 17563
PREMIER Portable 0.33/0.66 h.p. 1500/3000 r.p.m Ref 18585
PADDLE MIXER Twin shaft 54 cu.ft. total capacity 60 h.p. drive Ref 19134
LIGHTNIN Model 710 3 h.p. 2.5m S.S. Shaft 1m dia. paddle blade Ref 19365
GARDAM 7'6" x 3' x 3'3" deep, Mild Steel, U-Trough Ribbon Maker Ref 20036
SOLITEC Mild Steel U-Trough Twin Shafted Paddle Type Mixer/Feeder.  5.5m long x 1.32m wide x 800mm deep trough.  Jacketted, twin 22kw variable speed drives. Ref 22340
WINKWORTH stainless steel U-Trough Ribbon Mixer.  4' long x 9" wide x 11" deep trough.  0.75kw variable speed drive. Ref 22576